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General Information

Booragoon Radiology has moved!

We are now located next to ANZ on the Riseley St entrance to Garden City Shopping Centre.

Our new practice is a state-of-the-art facility and services now include low dose multi-slice CT and MRI.

Appointment Bookings

There’s is no need to book for general x-rays or dental imaging such as OPG’s or Lateral Cephalograms – simply turn up during our opening hours!

Ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs and chiropractic x-rays take a bit longer so please contact us on (08) 9364 7858 to make an appointment.

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Booragoon Radiology

(08) 9364 6236
Mon to Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm | Sat by appointment

Suite 9
Riseley Corporate Centre
135 Riseley Street
Booragoon WA 6154

Our staff
Dr Victor Wang
Consultant Radiologist

General radiologist with a special interest in musculoskeletal, breast imaging and imaging guided procedures.

Dr Matt Brookes
WA Clinical Leader and Consultant Radiologist

Extensive experience in breast imaging, body imaging, interventional procedures and MRI. Previously acted as head of department at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Dr Jacqui Dalton
Dento-maxillofacial Consultant Radiologist

Specialist in dento-maxillofacial radiology.

Jane Papalia
Lead Sonographer and WA State Manager

WA State Manager and Lead Sonographer has extensive experience in all areas of ultrasound with a sub specialty interest in obstetric imaging.

Jeanie Tan
Business Development Manager

Referrer contact point and business development manager.

Our Services

Booragoon Radiology now has the latest MRI technology for you. We offer highly convenient and low cost options for your next MRI scan.


You can expect a premium ultrasound service and experience at Booragoon Radiology.

Our scanning equipment is some of the most advanced available and we team of sonographers are friendly, professional, fully accredited and highly experienced.

We perform a wide range of scans including; general ultrasound, cortisone injections and pregnancy scans.

Gender scans and 3D/4D obstetric ultrasound are available at some clinics so please ask when you call us.

We endeavour to bulk-bill ultrasound scans, however some obstetric scans will involve a low out-of-pocket fee.

Preparation for your ultrasound scan

Ultrasounds are generally non-invasive nor painful. Preparation for ultrasound procedures varies depending upon the type of scan you require. Some ultrasound procedures require you to drink fluids prior to your examination whilst others may involve you fasting from fluids and food. You will be advised of the preparation for your particular scan at the time of making your appointment. If you have any questions about your procedure, please do not hesitate to talk to one of our friendly staff.


Booragoon Radiology is one of the first practices in Australia to install the latest range of Siemens low-dose, new-era multi-slice CTs.

Our CT scanner is capable of fast scan times, high resolution imaging and state-of-the-art dose reduction protocols.

Preparation for your CT scan

Your preparation will depend on the type of CT scan you are having.

Please discuss this with our team when booking your appointment.

Dental Imaging

Our vast experience in dental imaging stems from our original clinic in Perth, Booragoon Radiology.

This clinic is home to WA’s only Morita cone beam CT unit. This modern marvel allows our radiologists and your dental care provider to see your anatomy in high resolution 3D. This provides excellent diagnostic value and has become routine practice prior to many dental procedures.

Our specialist team of radiologists includes Dr Jacqui Dalton, one of just a few specialist dento-maxillofacial radiologists in the country.

Worried about dose?

A common question is the amount of radiation that is emitted in obtaining this type of image. In an effort to provide the best care and lowest radiation dose possible, we selected a unit by Morita. Their machines offer extremely low radiation dose.

Below are a few comparisons for a typical 40 × 40 mm scan.

  • Less than a medical chest X-ray
  • Less than 2 standard panoramic X-rays
  • Less than the amount of radiation absorbed during a flight from Los Angeles to New York (cosmic radiation)

We look forward to providing you with exceptional care utilizing the most current and advanced technology available in dentistry.

OPG’s and cephalograms are bulk-billed.

Cone beam CT scans carry a small out-of-pocket fee, dependent on your level of private health insurance.

Chiropractic Imaging

Booragoon Radiology has a long-standing relationship with the chiropractic profession.

Our imaging techniques have been refined over many years and we are the trusted name in chiropractic imaging.

Our radiographers use shielding and filtering routinely and we position patients to provide optimal information to chiropractors.

We can print full scale digital chiropractic spine images which can be important to chiropractors when assessing the anatomical relationship of bone structures.

Spectrum Imaging routinely hosts chiropractic students completing their diagnostic imaging studies and we also sponsor the annual diagnostic imaging prize for students at Murdoch University School of Chiropractic and Sports Science. We operate the diagnostic imaging units associated with the Macquarie University Department of Chiropractic in Sydney and some our radiographers provide tuition to undergraduates.

We will BULK BILL you if you are a Medicare eligible patients and you are referred from your chiropractor.

Bone Densitometry / Osteoporosis Testing
Are you at risk?

Both women and men can develop osteoporosis, and the incidence increases with age.
People are a greater risk of developing osteoporosis if they… are female are caucasian (fair skinned) or asian are small boned or thin have family members with osteoporosis get little or no exercise have, or used to have, a diet low in calcium have low vitamin D levels drink more than 2 glasses of alcohol on average per day, or smoke regularly have used certain medications e.g. steroids (like prednisolone or cortisone) have had an early menopause

Unfortunately, many people with none of the above risk factors still develop osteoporosis.

Information on Your Study

A bone density test is completely painless and is non-invasive.
The test is done while you lie on your back on a comfortable scanning bed.
The strength of the bones in your lower back and in one of your hips is measured using very weak x-ray beams.

The appointment takes about 20 minutes. Your test results will be analysed and sent to your referring doctor, usually in three working days.

There is no specific preparation required for this test, however;

If you take calcium or iron tablets it is best to withhold them until after the test is done on that day.

If you have recently received contrast dye for another radiological procedure we may have to delay your test.

It is best to wear garments without metal components (such as jeans which often have metal zippers and studs) or large plastic buttons. If worn, you may be advised to remove such garments and you will be given a gown to wear.

Bone density- Results

All bone density tests performed by Spectrum Imaging are reported on by a Radiologist.
The report of your bone density test will be sent directly to your referring doctor, usually within three working days.

Please let us know if you would like us to forward a copy of your results to any other healthcare professionals.

Your test results will show the bone mineral density in your lower spine and in your hip; how different your bone density is from an average young person’s bone density (at about 30 years of age, most people reach the peak bone density of their lives); and how your bone density compares with other people of your same age, gender and ethnic background. If you have had previous tests with our clinic, how much your bone density has changed since your last test will also be reported.

Our fees
CT and Ultrasound

We bulk-bill all scans where possible. Small gap fees may be applicable to nuchal translucency scans, some obstetric scans, musculoskeletal scans in some circumstances and ultrasound guided injections and biopsies. Please check with our team when making your appointment.


We bulk bill all OPG’s and Cephalograms. Cone Beam CT scans carry a small out-of-pocket fee based on your level of private health insurance.


All Medicare eligible patients who are referred from their chiropractor will be bulk billed. Non-eligible patients will incur a fee. Feel free to contact us to clarify this further.

Osteoporosis/ Bone Density Testing (DEXA)

To access Medicare rebates, you must have a referral from your GP indicating a Medicare-approved medical condition.
A private fee will apply if there is no GP-indicated Medicare-approved medical condition. We charge only $99 for a full osteoporosis test using DEXA.


Medicare does not provide rebates for MRI services at Booragoon Radiology however we offer this service at the lowest possible price. Please call to confirm.


All Medicare eligible patients who are referred from their podiatrist will be bulk billed. Non-eligible patients will incur a fee. Feel free to contact us to discuss.

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Healthcare Professional
Online images and reports

All images and reports are available 24×7 using our picture archiving and communication system (webPACS).

Our webPACS has the ability to show you current and historical studies. It also provides some measurement and annotation facilities and all images can be exported as DICOM or Jpeg files. We are always happy to show you how.

Provided your practice management system supports Healthlink we can send results directly into your system. All Healthlink reports now have a clickable link that will take you straight into our web-based portal without having to login in.

If you would like a webPACS account then contact us on 08 9364 7858 or complete the request form on the right.