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Welcome to Capital Radiology WA

Capital Radiology WA started as a collection of independent clinics in Perth. The group has now grown to include 8 clinics in Perth, Bunbury and Busselton.

Capital Radiology is one of the largest and most progressive radiology networks in Australia. It has a significant presence in Melbourne and Tasmania and WA is its newest territory.

All our clinics use systems which are digital, online and accessible so that your healthcare providers can access results quickly and securely.

We believe it needs investment to provide the highest standard of service. Some of our services are bulk-billed (no out-of-pocket expense) and others have a small out-of-pocket expense. We aim to keep prices low for patients but we will always invest in the best people and equipment. So you can be confident that a visit to us will cost you less than most other radiology clinics but the service you receive will be exceptional.

Our approach to providing excellent service at minimum cost to the patient is very well received by our patients and their healthcare providers.

Our guiding principles are to:
  • ensure a friendly patient experience
  • using modern, safe equipment, and
  • highly experienced imaging professionals
  • that is affordable for all patients.


We aim to make the whole experience friendlier and less daunting to patients. Have you ever left an imaging clinic confused, irritated or worried? We’ll do our best to explain what we’re doing and, where professionally responsible, give you the earliest possible indications of our findings.

Our equipment is always sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers and we aim to have a modern fleet of advanced equipment. You can be confident that our staff and equipment are obtaining the diagnostic information your healthcare provider needs with minimum radiation, delays, cost and fuss.

We have a very experienced team of imaging professionals. We have built our team around imaging professionals with extensive experience and a very high level of skills. This is one of the reasons our clinics are developing a loyal following of very particular healthcare professionals.

Friendlier experience

Experienced imaging professionals

Advanced equipment

Affordable – lowest possible cost

Part of your local community

Andrew Konowalous

WA State Manager

Dr Matt Brookes

WA Clinical Leader
Extensive experience in breast imaging, body imaging, interventional procedures and MRI. Previously acted as head of department at Fiona Stanley Hospital

Dr Hamlin

Specialist Radiologist with expertise in imaging guided procedures, abdominal imaging, cardiac imaging and oncology

Dr Victor Wang

General radiologist
with a special interest in musculoskeletal,
breast imaging and imaging guided procedures

Dr Ranieri Falcão Aguiar

Specialty interest in sports imaging, special interest in musculoskeletal imaging and procedures and MRI. Also works at at Fiona Stanley Hospital

 Dr Jacqui Dalton

Specialist in dento maxillofacial radiology

Dr Heather Brown

General radiology including interventional

Joel Scaddan

Senior Radiographer and WA Operations Manager

 Jane Papalia

Lead Sonographer
Has extensive experience in all areas of ultrasound with a sub-specialty interest in obstetric imaging

Jeanie Tan

WA Business Development Manager